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Roller Coaster

I got this idea from Frank Sobierajski at the ISTE 2011 conference.  It fits nicely in our Math 10C and Math 20-3 curricula. His take on the subject is available on this teacher tube video.

I took his idea and found a Canadian roller coaster.  Let’s take our students on a virtual roller coaster ride.  Most roller coasters have Point of View (POV) videos available.  I suggest finding one near you.

Bring up some facts about the roller coaster.  This one claims to have a 75 degree drop.

Find a picture of it, like this one.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:900behe.jpg

Have students import that image into GeoGebra, and check the math behind the 75 degree claim.

This 75 degree claim is either false, or the angle on the picture I found isn’t right. It’s possible that I haven’t measured from the same places they did. No matter what, it’s a good conversation in class.

I would follow up by having students find their own and check the claims made about them.

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